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Mechanical Assist High-Density Shelving - Government  

Our most popular mobile storage system.

Our mechanical assist high-density compact mobile shelving systems incorporate a direct chain drive system transferring the force from the 3-spoke handle directly to the drive shaft, which in turn drives every wheel on one side of each movable carriage. A visual safety knob is located above the handle and is used to lock the carriages on either side of the open aisle.

The ergonomic three spoke handles are free-turning ball handles which lend to the clean lines of the system while providing maximum functionality, and reduce carpal-tunnel problems for users. The double gear reduction feature allows movement of a 6,000 pound payload with as little as one pound of effort on the crank handle. All wheels on one side of each movable carriage are interconnected by solid steel shafts.

Government storage applications:


  • Armories & Weapons Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Supply Areas, Equipment & Tool Storage
  • Ammunition, Gear & Personal Protective Equipment Storage
  • Mobilization/Readiness Units
  • Hazardous Materials Storage
  • Duffel Bag Storage


  • Inmate Property
  • Medical Records
  • Food Storage
  • Linens & Uniforms
  • Tool Storage
  • Pharmacy

Other government applications:

  • Court Records
  • Fire Hose Storage
  • County Government
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Medical Supplies & Logistics

Contact the experts at Franklin Mills to discuss mechanical assist high-density storage systems for your facilty at 1-888-678-4585.

Mechanical Assist Shelving   
 Mobile Shelving Systems - Mechanical Assist High-Density   

Mobile Shelving Systems - Mechanical Assist High-Density

Our most popular high-density solution. 
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