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Professional Filing Systems

Simplification of all filing activities from record creation to destruction.

As records managers continue to debate the merits of electronic vs. paper records, it's apparent that the two will co-exist for the foreseeable future.  While electronic records offer easy data access and take up little physical space, paper records are durable, familiar, and easy to secure and use.  Recent statistics show that paper use continues to grow even in today's electronic-driven society

Franklin Mills recognizes that our customers have different record management needs. We take a comprehensive look at your specific requirements and assist you in designing a filing system that best manages your retrieval time and flow of information. A well-designed filing system incorporates the following for maximum efficiency:

  • Application specific folder design
  • File retrieval system - color-coded identification
  • Bar code tracking system
  • Secure shelving / storage system

Important steps in designing a secure record management system.

Properly securing paper-based records is not as easy task.   Despite the increase in electronic records, many industries still need maintain their hard-copy record management systems.  There are many important aspects to consider when designing a record management system including: 

Indentifying a safe & secure location

Identifying a safe location for your new record management system should be your top priority.  Avoid workplace injuries by allocating enough space for your staff to easily access records.  Consider a location that is safe from unauthorized entry and from environmental factors such as indoor water pipes and potential fire hazards.

Evaluate your retrieval needs.

Priority should be given to active files that have a greater rate of retrieval.  Providing secure and quick access to your valuble documents is the key to highly efficient filing system.  Older records and archival materials should be purged allowing more space for newly created records.  Evaluating your retrieval needs will help you optimize the productivity of your record management system.

Consult the experts at Franklin Mills.

When considering a purchase for filing equipment, consult the experts at Franklin Mills for guidance in selecting the right product for your application.  In addition, Franklin Mills can help you plan, design, and implement a filing system that best fits your needs today and for the future.  Contact the experts at Franklin Mills to discuss the design of your record management system 1-888-678-4585.  Click here to view our shelf filing product catalog (IFC).

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