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Rotary File Cabinets - Government  

times 2 ez2 rotary shelving storage multimedia Why are they so popular?

The Rotary File storage system will give you two times the storage capacity in the same footprint. In fact, rotary storage cabinets provide up to 400% more capacity in the same floor space as traditional drawer files.  Filing is easy from either side of this double depth filing cabinet. Rotating file cabinets offer increased access to files while reducing space requirements. The double depth design allows the rotary files to provide a far greater filing efficiency and capacity than lateral, vertical, or any single depth storage unit. Store the same material in half the space.

Outstanding versatility is a major benefit of rotary storage cabinets. You can customize them to meet your individual storage needs. File folders (either hanging or end-tab), books, binders, audio/video tapes and CD-ROM can all be stored in the same cabinet if necessary. We offer a wide variety of interior components that can be reconfigured as your storage needs change.

Rotary file accessories include:

  •  roll out drawers 
  •  rollout reference shelves 
  •  rollout drawers fitted for hanging files
  •  recessed shelves  
  • dividers
  • magnetic followers
  • CD-ROM drawers
  • security drawers
  • tub drawers
  • end supports 
  • wall closing strips 
  • extended canopy tops
  • Conversion Kits

Would you like to learn how to utilize the Rotary File in your office environment? Contact a systems specialist at Franklin Mills at 1-888-678-4585.

Rotary File Cabinets   
 Rotary File Cabinet - Times 2, Times Two, X2 Rotating Shelving   

Rotary File Cabinet - Times 2, Times Two, X2 Rotating Shelving

Our most popular high-density storage solution. 
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